The Indian Association Penang Building Project

To continue these community-based activities effectively, IAP has undertaken an ambitious building project that will provide a much-needed upliftment of morale for the community, the building of the Administrative as well as the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) which shall be fit for use for educational,  cultural, sports and arts programs. Apart from that, cultural shows, musical events, theatre,  conventions, wedding halls, social gatherings shall also be available with relevant indoor facilities which shall become an important meeting point for all races. The planned hall can house a tableseated capacity of more than 1000 people which may be used by Malaysians of all races.

The completion of the Multi-Purpose Hall will also act as a source of pride and be instrumental in providing a much needed boost of morale for the community. This ambitious building project was estimated at RM20.9Million and meant to be an iconic structure in which the MPH would be the biggest Indian based hall in the country.

During the initial planning, we estimated almost RM10-12Million from the Federal Government excluding other fund raising activities which gave us full confidence on successfully completing the entire project. The project was started in the end of 2014 and all reinforcement work, the first slab floor and basement car park for the hall together with the adminstrative building, installation of all utility work with sub-stations have been completed. It was quite unfortunate that we did not receive the expected grant of RM 10-12 million from the Federal Government but instead received only RM 2.0 million. Additionally, by 2022, we managed to raise funds of RM 5.5 million.

The main contractor has completed almost 78% of the Adminstrative Building and 28% of the MultiPurpose Hall.

The Multi-Purpose Hall Project

To complete the building at a reduced cost and and exterior aesthetics, an estimated amount of RM5.0 Million is required for the Phase II Multi-Purpose Hall Project, which would otherwise be in the region of RM10.0 Million. The Management Committee is determined to complete the project as anticipated for their members and public use and will work hard to secure the said amount of RM5.0 Million needed to complete the building.

The completion of the Multi-Purpose Hall will not only  provide a much-needed boost to the morale for the community, but also act as a source of pride and be instrumental in providing a meeting point for all races.